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Find amazing volunteer jobs!

Volungo® is a social network that connects volunteers and NGOs. Do volunteer jobs to change the world and make the difference!
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Connect to inspire and to be inspired.

Surround yourself with good actions and content that is truly enriching.

Connect with people who share the same purposes as you. Engage by working and sharing photos and videos of the projects you and your friend accomplished.

Only "likes" and "shares" don't change the world...

Working on causes does.

Volungo provides you with volunteering opportunities on organizations that you are enthusiastic about, and which also bring benefits to you and the world.
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"Giving is not just about making donations. It is about making a difference."

- Kathy Calvin

Make donations in an easy way for NGOs that you really believe and see results in the world.

Empower the third sector and maximize its purpose.

Our platform helps third-sector organizations to manage their activities.

Volungo's management tools and our integrated platform give the third-sector organizations the right means to establish a closer relationship with volunteers, in a professional and personal way.

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